The crime:
somebody kidnapped the penguin and demanded a ransom or his life would be taken. We found the penguin gravely ill, and a chemical was left next to him, most likely what poisoned him. The only things left behind were a ransom note, the suspicious liquid and a half dead victim...
p1g6 crime scene
p1g6 crime scene

Chromatography test. We collected the pens of all possible suspects in the building and used
chromatography papers to attempt to match the pen used in the ransom note to the collected pens. No major matches were found at the time.
Hood- Blue
Kirschmen- No change in color
Beil- Blue
Lancos- Purple
Laguna- Black
Cravener- Orange
Rhodes- Neon Blue
external image 14219317832_c86e6eec6d.jpg
external image 14219317832_c86e6eec6d.jpg

None of the pens are a direct match to the pen on the ransom note. There were a few matches, but it would be a stretch to use it as evidence.
Mr Hood had a picture of a penguin with an X over it. So did Mr Beil, proving that they could be higher ranked on the list as possible suspects. Mr. Lancos periodically comes in to check on the crime lab progress, but he does look suspicious when he comes in.
external image 14191159024_ed43831891.jpg
external image 14191159024_ed43831891.jpg

There is no clear theif/muderer yet.

A pen was found in Mrs. Craveners room, that seemed suspicious. We used the
chromatography test and the pen was almost a direct match to the ransom note ink.
Mrs. Cravener moves up on the list of suspects, for the ink is a close match to that on the ransom note.
New Evidence!
New Evidence!

The heating curve test was performed on the liquid that was used to carry out the poisoning of the victim.
The heating curve test showed that there was two different substances used in the solution, because the temperature leveled out at 79 degrees Celsius, and then 99 degrees Celsius. The two possible substances are Ethyl Alcohol and Water.
Further tests will be performed.

Graph showing heating curve of the substances

Heating Curve Unknown Liquid Graph.jpg
Heating Curve Unknown Liquid Graph.jpg

The substance will be separated into two simpler forms via fractional distillation.
external image 14246075334_c6358dc8b0.jpg
The test was a success and the two substances were separated form each other. When the substance leveled off at 79 degrees, the tube in which it transfers the vapors of the substance was put in a test tube to collect the substance 1. Process was repeated to collect substance 2. Further tests will be used to identify the two simpler substances from the solution. The test might lead to more clues over the course of time and interrogations.
Fractional distillation lab part two: We found out if the fractions were flammable or not. Results below.
A: Flammable
B: Not Flammable
C: Not Flammable
Fraction a lit up and burned with a blue flame before being extinguished. Fractions B and C had no reaction to the match, they did not ignite.
external image lit_match.jpg
The density test was performed as well. Results shown below:
A: .83 g/mL
B: .98 g/mL
C: 1.06 g/ML
Fraction A could be Ethyl Alcohol, because it was flammable and had a close denstiy to it (.79 g/mL)
Fraction B could be a mixture of Ethyl Alcohol and Water because it was not flammable and had a density of the mean of the two substances.
Fraction C could be water because it has a density close to water and it was not flammable.
I believe that the substance used to poison the penguin was a mixture of Ethyl Alcohol and Water, possibly to save money by diluting the mixture.

I believe that Mrs. Cravener was the one who performed the crime. Mrs. Cravener had the pen that was most likely used in the ransom note, and the same paper that was used for the ransom note. Mrs. Cravener seems suspicious as well when asked about the pengiun and the crime, showing that there is some connection. The poision is Ethyl Alcohol and water mixture, which is very simple to get a hold of, so an ordinary person like her could easily obtain and use it. Mrs. Cravener is the one who attempted to take Rupert's life. Plus, she likes candy and Mrs. Laguna does ticket drawings on fridays, so the ticket roll ransom could have been used as an attempt to get candy.