New lab Sheet .

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Length: During the length lab we were giving different things to measure and we learned that we have to look at an angel and put the ruler all the way at the end of the object you are measuring.

Mass: During the Mass lab we learned what the formula is for mass is L*W*H and that the law of mass is Mass is neither created nor destroyed in the normal chemical or physical changes .

Elements compounds and mixtures
Cars and ramps.
When we are letting the car go down the ramp the car starts to curve.
We are going to find out the weight of the car and
height of the ramp.
the potential energy was 0.02
I think that in the middle the car will start getting more energy and be the fastest at the end or the ramp.
we learned that all energy is always converted to thermal energy
metal-> felt the coldest -> 21.6
cardboard-> 20.6f
plastic foam-> felt the warmest
tile-> felt the Coldest 18
wood -> 20.4
hands cant tell the temperature
the transfer of energy between objects that are different temperatures
A measure of the average kinetic energy of the particles in an object
thermal energy is the total KE of the particles but temperature is KE of the particles
which tub of water is the warmest
They have one hand in one tube and the other hand in the 2nd tub
They are trying to find out which is the warmest
Test subject
which is the warmest



Tub B

Tub B
Tub B 21.6
Tub B 20.8
Tub B

Tub B
The final Temperature of the mixed water was 45 it was higher than the cold water and lower than the hot water temperature.
The average was always a little higher not by much but it has been higher than the mixed water temperature Heat Technology Project.