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Marking Period 1

Summary of Length, Volume, and Mass Lab

Length Lab
In the length lab we used the SI unit for length the whole time. That measurement was meters. We also had to find the volume and surface area of a metal prism. After that we then had to measure our locker and find the volume of it. The volume of a prism is Length times Width times Height.
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Volume Lab
In the volume lab we used the SI unit for volume. That measurement is liters. We measured the volume of a prism by using water displacement. We also used qualitative and quantitative observations. We also did the discrepancy of two mixtures put together. We had to mix a yellow mixture into a blue mixture.

Mass Lab
In the mass lab we used the triple beam balance to measure objects. We also used the law of conservation of mass- mass is neither created nor destroyed.

States of Matter Movie Notes

Marking Period 2

Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures


Cars and Ramps

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Heat Technology Research Notes

Marking Period 3

Energy Research Notes

Chemical Families:
My Chemical Element is Oxygen and my Chemical Family name is Chalcogen. Other Chemical families that I have heard of are Noble Gases, Pnictogens, Boron, Transition Metals.

The Halogen and the Noble Gases Family are both nonmetals. Noble Gases don't react to different elements. But the Halogen Family reacted with the potassium.

Radioactivity Notes

Marking Period 4

Chemical Reactions Notes

Physics Notes